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From: Tyler
Subject: "Fantasies About Andy"This story is about me and my friend Andy. I'm 14 and Andy's 15. He's in
10th grade and I'm in 9th grade. We never had any sex experiences with each
other, but sometimes russian lolita jpg xxx I make up fantasies about him when I'm jerking off. He
likes girls a lot so I don't think he'd ever want to do anything with a guy.Andy moved here about 6 months ago and we started hanging out with each
other. He's a lot bigger than me. I'm 14, but I look younger than most
guys my age because I started puberty late. He's really good at sports and
plays on the basketball team at school. Andy has a basketball hoop at lolita top list google his
house. He always beats me. I like when we wrestle each other. He always
wins at wrestling too.We do other things besides sports. We like watching horror movies.
Sometimes when we're alone at Andy's house, we go to his bedroom and look at
porn on the internet. He has a lot of links saved. Of course it's all
straight porn. Girls are ok, but I mostly think about guys when I'm jerking
off. But still I like when me and Andy look at porn. I get hornier
thinking about the boner in Andy's pants than looking at the naked girls on
the screen. Sometimes when we're looking at porn I look down at his crotch
and can see that he has a boner.Now I'll tell you about some of my favorite jerk off fantasies that I hard lolit sex young have
about Andy. For some reason I like thinking about older guys bossing me
around and making me do stuff to them. My fantasies about Andy have a lot
of that in them.One is about me and Andy wrestling in his bedroom. In the fantasy he's
wearing just his boxerbriefs. I know he wears boxerbriefs in real life
because one time when he went to use the bathroom, I looked in his underwear
drawer. He has some boxers too, but mostly boxerbriefs. A few times I saw
him change pants and he was wearing boxerbriefs every time. One time I saw
him change into his bathing suit and got to see his dick, balls, and butt.
So now when I fantasize I can remember what he looks like naked.Anyway, in the wrestling fantasy he's only wearing underwear. He's beating
me as usual and sits on my chest. His crotch is right in front of my face
and I can see the bulge his dick and balls are making in his underwear. I
try to get up, but I can't. He tells me that he'll let me up if I kiss the
bulge in the crotch of his underwear. Then I pucker my lips and kiss Andy's
crotch.Another wrestling fantasy is he's sitting on my chest in his boxerbriefs.
Then he pulls the front of his underwear down and starts jerking his dick
right in front of my face. I look at his balls and pubes and watch his dick
get hard. His big veiny dick is throbbing in front of my face. He keeps
jerking and his boner starts leaking precum. He tells me that he'll let me
up if I lick the precum off the tip of his dick.Another fantasy is just Andy making me do stuff to his dick whenever he's
feeling horny. Andy says, "I'm horny, Tyler. Make me cum." And I have to
do it because I have to do everything he says. I unbutton his jeans, pull
down his zipper, and pull his jeans off. He says, "Take off my underwear."
I pull them down and his dick pops out. It's already halfway hard. "Give
me a boner." I grab his dick in my hand and start stroking it. It starts
to grow and grow until it becomes a big fat boner. "Lick it." I stick out
my tongue and start licking Andy's dick. "Lick my balls too." Andy's
shaft, dick head, and balls are covered with my spit. "Suck on it." I open
my mouth and put Andy's boner in my mouth. I free preteen lola nymphets slide my lips up and down his
dick and try to make it feel real good. I keep sucking and taste the precum
that's leaking out of his dick. "Keep sucking, Tyler. Make me cum." I
keep sucking on Andy's dick until it starts squirting gobs of hot cum in my
mouth.I never tasted cum before, but I bet Andy's cum tastes real good.I can't think of anything else to write right now. I hope this story made
you horny. Writing it made me horny. I'm going to go jerk off now.Tyler
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